Meet the Nusbaums

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It all started when…

Not long ago, the Nusbaums were living in Florida, Steph a newspaper assistant editor and Andy an endurance boat driver for Mercury Marine. Then the decision was made to move to Steph’s hometown of Wichita, where Andy saw an opportunity to open up a business. Being a long-time fan of recreational shooting and hunting, he decided a gun shop would be the way to go. He has spent the past two years in Florida as owner of Gun Professor, teaching basic pistol courses and Florida CCW classes while also working at a local gun shop.

Now that we are in Wichita, we have fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer for our little family. I am very excited about Andy’s Guns and am looking forward to working with you in all your firearm needs. Our goal is to have a fun, friendly atmosphere at all times and make Andy’s Guns a place where anyone at any skill level can come in and feel comfortable. Thank you, and hope to see you soon!